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Loopbelt Overview:

  • hypoallergenic belts have no nickel or other metal parts
  • provides surface protection for tasks from auto detailing to woodworking
  • easy to use fastener is fully adjustable for a great fit.
  • low profile design has a smooth look under clothing

Unique Loopbelt belts use advanced combined hook and loop fasteners to provide simple to use, comfortable and versatile belts. They are used as both a personal everyday casual belt, and by businesses for a variety of applications.

With no metal buckle or hard plastic parts, Loopbelt belts won't scratch or damage surfaces. They're worn for auto glass replacement, auto detailing and repair, furniture handling and woodworking, and for many other jobs where surfaces must be protected.

Loopbelt nonmetallic and hypoallergenic belts are used by nickel allergy sufferers to prevent reactions from belts with buckles. They won't trigger metal detectors, so they're great for travelers and workers in secured areas.

Our buckleless belts use an unique wrap-around fastening method, and are simple to open and close. A Loopbelt is an excellent choice for anyone that has difficulty using belts with buckles.

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