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Loopbelt overview:

  • Made with advanced combined hook and loop fasteners. The fastener strips are softer and more flexible than standard Velcro fasteners with separate hook and loop sides.
  • Belt size is fully adjustable for a great fit, and they're easier to use than belts with buckles.
  • Made with all hypoallergenic materials. No nickel or other metal parts. Heavyweight poly-propolyene webbing.
  • Provides surface protection from dings and scratches, in tasks from auto detailing to woodworking.
  • Excellent for travelers and workers in secure areas.
  • Versatile belts that are a great addition to any wardrobe.

featured product:

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Loopbelt belts are simple to use nonmetallic webbing belts, using advanced combined hook and loop fasteners. With an unique wrap-around fastening method, our four sizes of Buckleless Belt fit waist sizes from 30-52 inches. Loopbelt Rubber Buckle Belts use a fold-over fastening method, and are available in two inch size increments for waists 30-52 inches.

Our original Circle Ring style has sizes that fit waists as small as 25" and up to 46". They're an easy to use alternative to belts with buckles, and are great for children and others with limited dexterity.

Loopbelt belts are designed and developed in the USA and manufactured in China under our direction. Contact us for custom belt inquires, including webbing color variations, the addition of a logo or organization name, or other customization.