The Square Rubber Buckle Loopbelt provides a comfortable fit with no metallic parts.  The rubber buckle won't scratch or dent, like belts with other buckles can.  These nonmetallic belts are a simple alternative to using belts with traditional buckles. 

PRODUCT NOTE:  If the rubber buckle on these belts is pulled on too tight, the rubber can weaken and break.  The rubber should be inspected periodically for cracks.  Although it is not typical, the rubber buckle could break without warning (it is rubber). A Loopbelt Buckleless belt may be a better option for someone who wears their belt very tight.


features summary:

  • 3/8" thickness square rubber ring
  • 1 1/4" (30mm) heavyweight polypro webbing
  • 11.5 inch combined hook & loop fastener strip
  • rubber coated belt end
  • available in black only



For most customers, ordering the same Loopbelt size as their waist size works best.  The waist should be measured where the belt is typically worn. Actually measuring the waist as opposed to just using the pants size yields the most accurate results.  If measured waist size is between Loopbelt sizes, order the next size larger than measurement. ie: if waist measures 37 inches, order a size 38 Loopbelt.

This style Loopbelt size is the distance in inches from the inside of the rubber ring, where the webbing is folded over and sewn to the ring, to the middle of the 11 1/2 inch hook and loop (Velcro) fastener strip.  There is an additional space of 1 1/4 inches inside the rubber ring.

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