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   buckleless belt overview:

  • Features unique combined hook and loop fasteners - there are not separate hook and loop sides like standard Velcro - both sides are the same fastener material.
  • Nickel free hypoallergenic 1 3/8" wide heavyweight webbing with no buckle, hard plastic or metal parts. With two 9" fastener strips. Rubber coated on both ends.
  • Won't scratch or damage surfaces. Provides protection from dings and scratches, in tasks from auto mechanics to woodworking. Popular car wash, movers and musicians belt.
  • Fully adjustable for a great fit. More comfortable and easier to wear than belts with buckles. Simple fastening method helps users with limited dexterity.
  • Please add two inches to waist size when selecting belt size - for a 34" waist, select size M (36-40). Order the larger belt size if undecided or waist measurement is between sizes.

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