No Buckle Belts


-Hold one end with the hook and loop strip facing out, and thread belt around waist.

-Position the trailing belt end over the first end and press fastener strips together to set sizing.

-Continue closing the strips and slide/pull belt around waist while fastening.

-Move closed belt back under the last belt loop or where preferred.

-Optional: For easiest use, skip the last two steps and close fastener over the top of any belt loop. 


- Above video shows our original 30mm buckleless belt. All no buckle styles function the same.




Rubber Buckle Belts 


If you prefer wearing your belt very tight belt, the rubber ring style may not be best for you. The rubber rings do have a breaking point and too much strain will weaken the ring.

For all Rubber Buckle belt users, occasional inspection for cracks in the rubber ring is recommended.


- With the hook and loop strip facing out, thread the belt through the first pants belt loop.

- Continue threading the belt around the waist and through the final belt loop.

- Feed the belt through the rubber ring and pull straight through to desired tightness.

- Fold the fastener back over the ring, and onto itself, to secure the belt.

- Please use care not to pull on the rubber ring when fastening.